We are a small-scale mixed vegetable farm & food forest growing with the planet and people in mind. 

We believe that all people need access to naturally-grown foods, close to home, for a healthy lifestyle and a strong, resilient community. 

With this as our guiding principle, we started a "micro-farm" using regenerative practices in our own backyard in Tuckerton NJ. 

We also provide garden-based education and mentoring for youth, families, schools & community groups; yard farming, forest garden planning, and management services; and local food system planning and policy consulting.  

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& Food Forest

We believe that fresh, locally-grown food should be accessible to all.

Soil to Soul’s small-scale production and front yard forest garden demonstrates regenerative agriculture principles that aim to pull carbon from the atmosphere and put it into the ground where it will improve the soil while producing food for our community.  We also employ several other “carbon farming” practices on our farm and food forest that help us do our part to combat global warming.

NJ Food Democracy Collaborative: Grassroots Food System Change!

In June 2020, we helped to start a new initiative to foster collaboration on the issues of food justice and food system resilience in NJ. Find out more here. 

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Why grow grass or the same old boring shrubs when you can grow nutritious, delicious & beautiful food right in your own back (or front!) yard all year long?! Reduce your carbon footprint, improve your health and your family's health and be the coolest house in your neighborhood with a custom edible landscaping design, home garden, or yard farm. 

We provide customized garden-based mentoring and educational programs for individuals, families, and community groups. Garden-based education for all ages on garden-to-table cooking, sustainable living, composting, carbon farming, and much more.

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