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Soil to Soul Farm, Mid-Summer Update

Hey all!

First off - sorry to all of you who subscribed to Soil to Soul Farm via our website a verrrryy long time ago and never heard a word from us -- I (Jeanine) have been busy farming and teaching and being a mother and just rarely check the website. This is our first Blog Post! BUT I am so very grateful for your interest in our neighborhood sustainable agriculture project here in Tuckerton.

What are we up to? Our specialty is greens -- salad mixes, kale and chard, and collard, etc. and those things prefer cooler weather, so working hard to keep those things happy and sowing more of it all the time to keep it flowing for ya :) We also have summer squash and cucumbers ready and winter squashes ripening. Tomatoes and peppers are sizing up, and this week I'm sowing fava beans and kohlrabi for late summer.

The cut flower patch is looking nice too! Our harvest box shares always include a small fresh-cut bouquet.

Where to find us? Every Saturday outside of the Union Market and Gallery on Main Street in Tuckerton (next to the Seaport) from 9 am until noon. Also, every week we post on our Instagram and Facebook pages what we are harvesting and you can call or email (732-598-1258) to place an order for a share of the harvest! A contact-less pick up is arranged. Pick up is at the farm - 695 Pine Avenue in Tuckerton. We are not open to the public because we are in a residential neighborhood and zoning laws restrict it. I know, booo.

Don't have social media? (I commend you!) you can email me a the above address or call and check-in on harvest boxes.

What else, hmmm...We have been a doing "pop-up" farm stand in LBI at a cafe in Harvey Cedars called Bridy's Cafe on Sunday mornings and in will continue to do that throughout the summer and fall. We will be at the very cool Atlantic City farmers' Market, run by C.R.O.P.S. NJ at the Tenessee Beer Hall on Sunday, July 19, and August 23 and 30, so that'll be fun.

Please follow our social media accounts, if you can, which is where/how we share things on a daily basis. Search Soil to Soul Farm on FB and @SoiltoSoulFarm on Instagram. Most importantly, I look forward to meeting you in person.

Last but not least, we are also a founding organizer of a new grassroots initiative called the Coastal NJ Food Democracy Collaborative. Right now it is a Facebook group page but will be transitioning to a public page soon. This is important work, aimed at getting our region's food system to be more sustainable, diverse and resilient from the perspective of food access and agriculture. You can find that group page at:

Thanks! Stay safe!

One Love, Jeanine, farmer/owner

Soil to Soul

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