Our Mission:

The mission of Soil to Soul is to demonstrate edible landscaping and food forest gardening to the community, and inspire, mentor, educate, and support folks who wish to improve their health, the health of the environment through home-scale, sustainable food production.  


Soil to Soil also seeks to restore and improve on the land and combat climate change through its practices and produce nutritious food for the community year round using regenerative agriculture and carbon farming 

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Community Farm and Food Forest

Our small farm is in a suburban neighborhood in Tuckerton, New Jersey.  We aim to show how even on a small amount of land, a bounty of nutritious food can be produced year round using natural, sustainable practices.  Our goal is to increase the amount of locally grown food in our area. We strive to be a small part of the national (and global) movement to re-localize the food system and bring farming and gardening back into the lives of regular folks.  We believe you should be on a first name basis with the folks who grow your food, and that it should be produced as close to home as possible, and as ecologically responsible as possible. On our small piece of land, we are working to restore and improve soil conditions and native ecology by planting perennials, natives, and bee-friendly plants, and by practicing no-till farming and improving the soil’s overall health. Most importantly, we believe that fresh, locally-grown food should be accessible to all.  Soil to Soul’s front yard forest garden demonstrates permaculture principles which aim to pull carbon from the atmosphere and put it into the ground where it will improve the soil and the produce food for our family. We also employ several other “carbon farming” practices on our farm and food forest that help us do our part to combat global warming.

Grassroots Organizing for Food System Resilience 

We are part of an effort to build a grassroots coalition of folks and organizations who care deeply about a sustainable and resilience and just food system for the coastal region. It is called the Coastal Jersey Food Democracy Collaborative.  It is inspired by the growing Food Policy Council Movement a the Food Justice and Food Sovereignty Movements around the world. Find out how you can be a part of this effort by emailing us today. 

Currently Serving Monmouth,

Ocean, and Atlantic Counties

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Tuckerton, NJ

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